Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thing 9:

I was able to find very interesting blogs using several of the search tools. Google search was easy enough, but edublog's award winners was very nice. Being a science teacher, I found a blog called Using Blogs in Science Education that shouted for me to subscribe. It was nice that each blog was nominated for an award so my confidence in finding interesting, pertinent posts was very high. I did find several there to add to my Reader and also tried School Library Blogs on Suprglu. I found the "pipes" idea was a bit confusing, but I added yet another blog from this site about Young Adult Library Information. My favorite way to find blogs is through a trusted blogger's blogroll. I figured that Cool Cat Teacher's Blog is used to teach this Thing and I loved the idea of a circle of the wise, so borrowing blogs from Cool Cat's blogroll was honoring her wisdom.

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