Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thing 23:

Yes, the last Thing is here, but I have mixed feelings. I am happy to have completed the list, sorry that it is late, glad for the challenging assignments, and sad that it is over.
1. My favorite exercise was setting up my very own blog and avatar. Something changed inside me once I was actually blogging. It gave me a sense of pride and accomplishment that I could do something this cutting edge. It literally gave me a voice.
2. I will never be afraid to try technology again. I may still get frustrated with it, I may put it aside for a bit, but I will always come back and find a way to tackle it. I will persevere. And check my Google Reader for all my cool feeds that I found.
3. The potential for iGoogle home page with Google calendar, email and Reader right there. I haven't set it all up yet and integrated it with my life, but it is an exciting prospect. The surprise of the fun and relative ease of Photo Story. Wouldn't that be a great getting to know you assignment for the first six weeks? Maybe. Wikis, trading cards and Glogster will all be a part of my class from now on.
4. Maybe have milemarker suggestions or deadlines along the way.
5. I would be very interested in another similar program.
6. Embrace technology and inspire your students.

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