Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Body Systems Jeopardy Template

Body Systems Jeopardy Template I tried this web application of the jeopardy game to use as a review game. This is different from a powerpoint. Just thought I would put it out there if anyone hasn't seen it. This one is a review for 3 Body Systems: Circulatory, Digestion, and Respiration.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thing 23:

Yes, the last Thing is here, but I have mixed feelings. I am happy to have completed the list, sorry that it is late, glad for the challenging assignments, and sad that it is over.
1. My favorite exercise was setting up my very own blog and avatar. Something changed inside me once I was actually blogging. It gave me a sense of pride and accomplishment that I could do something this cutting edge. It literally gave me a voice.
2. I will never be afraid to try technology again. I may still get frustrated with it, I may put it aside for a bit, but I will always come back and find a way to tackle it. I will persevere. And check my Google Reader for all my cool feeds that I found.
3. The potential for iGoogle home page with Google calendar, email and Reader right there. I haven't set it all up yet and integrated it with my life, but it is an exciting prospect. The surprise of the fun and relative ease of Photo Story. Wouldn't that be a great getting to know you assignment for the first six weeks? Maybe. Wikis, trading cards and Glogster will all be a part of my class from now on.
4. Maybe have milemarker suggestions or deadlines along the way.
5. I would be very interested in another similar program.
6. Embrace technology and inspire your students.

Thing 22:

Nings are an interesting way to peruse a lot of information, ideas, and opinions on specific topics. I spent several hours looking through each of the suggested nings. I found postings featured on the Teacher Librarian Ning to be a bit negative and scarcastic. The Educator Ning was my favorite. I found Scott Habeeb's blog about helping freshmen transition to high school and later, life. This is an excellent blog and inspiring man and I look forward to hearing more from and about him. I also heard about a Facebook account for educators that is asking for people to voice their concerns about keeping Nings for educators free. Good idea, I hope they listen.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Thing 21:

Ok, now I understand the beauty of PhotoStory. It is fairly intuitive and easy to use. I took my team to the state competition last weekend and I just picked out 5 photos to tell the story and for me to learn this application. Here is my photo story of the trip.

I will have to also try out Audacity in the near future. I loved the book trailer idea and that is something I will definitely do as a librarian. Our librarian at Morton Ranch did a trailer for the book Unwind which was well received. This was for a promotion of our Read It Forward program.

Thing 20:

I had so much fun looking on YouTube and TeacherTube. I have seen several of the videos I found from my own teenagers who share fun things with me. I found this video on TeacherTube and was hit with my own musings about the generation of kids that we are teaching now. I have read a book called Generations (Howe & Strauss, 1991) which shows that in the United States has 4 distinct archetypes of generations that repeat themselves in a cycle. This generation is another Civic generation. The last Civic generation fought in WWII. They follow rules and do what is expected of them by the last older Idealist generation. The Baby Boomers are the most recent Idealist generation and this video is very clearly a new Civic generation. They are all doing this together (reading and singing) at the encouragement of their teachers and the Idealist generation beliefs. It does warm the cockels of my heart to see all these junior high students reading books and singing together. Flashback to the Coca-cola commercials singing "I would like to teach the world to sing"

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thing 19:

I chose to research LuLu. This is a self-publishing website that helps you publish, sell and market world-wide if you desire. It is a little overwhelming to me, but I know students and have a daughter who aspires to be published someday. This is a great way to encourage would be authors to just try it out. You can even order an ISBN so that you can sell to bookstores and libraries. Books are not the only venue. Music cds, artwork, photo books and perhaps even dvds are out there to create. They have a network of people to help you along the way as well.

Thing 18:

Google docs is far superior to Open Office in my opinion. Google docs is online and can be used from any computer vs. Open Office has to be downloaded to each computer you may be on. Google docs can be used to create presentations with slides, vectored drawings, spreadsheets, rich text documents. You can embed images, you can design web forms which allows you to store information. My son is the webmaster for his Boy Scout troop and uses these forms for camp sign up. You can upload any type of file at all.
Lastly you have the ability to truly collaborate and edit these Google docs in real time. This would be a boon for teachers planning together or students working on a project.