Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thing 5:

Sunset pictures have always been my favorites. Flickr is a plethora of pictures, videos and ideas for librarians and teachers to use and share. How would you use them? Some of the many examples I saw and would be interested in were the 'design a book bag for the library contest', photo contests, and the "hi-fi sci-fi library" video. These were great ways to advocate for libraries by using a hook to involve a diverse group of people. The photo contests could be the student's own photos which are posted to flickr and given an authentic audience for review and comments. There could be an assignment tied to a piece of literature or a science topic, where the student mines for images that relate to the period or topic. I think the ideas and images are overwhelming and very exciting. I know that I spent way too much time exploring and enjoying Thing 5.


  1. beautiful shot!

    good to include the url, but be sure you know how to link words using the chain icon found on the post box toolbar...a cleaner look! check out other webpages and rarely see urls, you see linked words

  2. Great ideas about contests. Competition can be a powerful student motivator and can produce amazing results. The library could definitely benefit from your Flickr ideas.

  3. I like your idea about "mining" for images for a particular assignment. There's so much to explore on flickr!

  4. I like the idea about the design a book bag. It would be great to have each grade level design book bags from the area of study. 12th grade can design using world literature, 11th grade American literature, so on and so forth. This is a cross curriculum activity and would give the librarian a means to show teachers how important collaboration truly is.

    Thank you for the idea!