Monday, March 15, 2010

Thing 6:

I created a trading card. As a librarian and a teacher, students can use the trading card for many lessons. They can research poets and use the trading card to enter info about the poet's life, poems, and awards. We used this idea on our midterm lesson where students posted the trading card among other information on a class wiki. In science, they can research a scientist or a particular type of animal and make a trading card. History can use this method for people, battles or places of import.

One of the aps that caught my attention on Big Huge Labs is the Mapmaker. I made a map of all the states I have visited.
States I have visited
Make yours @
Make yours @

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  1. You picked two great mashups. Be sure as you write your posts about the things you find and discuss that you make your posts interactive by including hot links to the things you are discussing.
    When you are in the post box, you would be using the little chain icon to add a link to words you highlighted. Be sure you know how to do is an essential skill in the 2.0 world.