Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thing 2:
When reading the 7 -1/2 habits, #4 -" having confidence in yourself " stood out as the hardest habit to embrace. I have always excelled in traditional school. In fact I thrive in an atmosphere where I am learning something and being tested on it. The positive feedback is rewarding and that is something I know how to do. I find using technology very challenging and sometimes outright diabolical. (Is this program really out to get me?) Habit #7- 1/2 is the easiest for me. "Play, be curious and read". Reading is my absolute favorite hobby, I'm a science teacher so by nature curious about the world around me, and who doesn't love to play. Hopefully by applying the easiest habit ideals to the hardest one, I will boost my confidence level by sheer hard play.

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  1. Your curious nature should serve you well in the 2.0 world. I will be interested in seeing remarks about your confidence level at the end of your playful journey!